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How long will I be sore after my car accident

How long are you going to be hurting after a car wreck

You may be asking yourself how long will I be sore after a car accident. You may be sore right away or not feel any soreness at all, until a couple days after the car accident.Auto accidents can cause severe to slight injuries. How long you are sore after a car wreck depends on many factors.

The type of injury you sustained has a lot to do with how long you will be sore after you car wreck. You may have suffered broken bones or have soft tissue injuries. No matter what injury you have suffered, you need to seek medical attention ASAP after you have been involved in an auto accident.

Soreness areas after an auto accident (soft tissue)

  • Arm Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Contusions (bruising)
  • Headaches
  • Leg Pain
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Whiplash

Injuries that are a direct result of a car accident have an impact of how sore you will be and how long it will last. Proper medical care can prevent soreness and pain

If you have been driving for quite some time and not experienced a car wreck, you are lucky. However, there is a probable chance to be in one at any point in time, so it’s better to be aware of the medical attention needed after you have been injured in a car wreck.

Injuries suffered in car wrecks

A car wreck leads to different kinds of impact on the body. If you are lucky (i.e. if you were wearing a seat belt and your car had an airbag) these injuries are not to severe. However, any injury requires immediate medical attention.

Injuries relating to an accident are two types:

Soft tissue injuries

This is when the car wreck has caused an injury to the weaker areas of the body such as the tendons, muscles and the ligaments. These injuries can be in the form of sprains, bruises or strains. An injury to the soft tissues results in soreness and stiffness which cause great pain. Soft tissue injury occurs in auto accidents, but can occur with other activities such as sports, aircraft accidents, etc. . The more severe the collision, the greater the force felt, the higher the chances of injury to the victims.

The more severe the collision, the greater the force felt and higher the chances of a soft tissue injury to the victims.

How long you are sore following the soft tissue injury depends on the impact of the car accident. Ice packs, pain killers, and muscle relaxers can help you function, https://telegra.ph/undeniable-proof-that-you-need-walk-in-clinic-beach-blvd-jacksonville-fl-02-14 but they will not heal anything. Ice packs, rest, compression, elevation, are used to treat the soreness. Physical Therapy from a PT or Chiropractor can be utilized to help with the soreness. However, it is always advised to seek medical attention to rule out fractures and internal bleeding.


A very common type of damage that occurs during an accident is that of a whiplash. This is an injury that affects the neck and the head due to the sudden back and forth of the neck as a result of the accident. The injury results in soreness of the neck, sharp pain in the neck and discomfort in the back. In the case of a whiplash, the pain is not only felt immediately but also emerges regularly in the next few days following the accident.

The soreness of the neck may seem very minor, but if not treated properly it can result in an even more issues further down the road. If ignored the victim may experience extreme discomfort to the point that regular movement may get affected. Treatment of whiplash includes direct spine and neck manipulation, ice, heat.

Broken Bones

How sore you will be after you have broken a bone in a car accident may depend on what you broke. Broken bones may require surgery to set. Pins or rods may be used to set a broken bone. How long you will be sore after a broken bone depends on what bone you broke and how long it takes to heal.

Common broken bones in car accidents

  • Arm
  • Ribs
  • Sternum
  • Legs

A broken Tibia will require surgery to fix and you will be sore for quite some time. If you suffered a broken rib, you may find yourself sleeping in a recliner. Broken ribs may stay sore for 4-6 weeks. Unless your rib punctured soft tissue, there is not a lot a doctor can do for a broken rib other than to tell you it is broken. Broken bones can initially be very painful. You may be sore for quite some time during the healing process.

Factors upon how sore you will be

The intensity of the soreness and the pain experienced depends upon the following factors:

  • The speed of the vehicle
  • The size of the vehicle
  • The use of seat belts
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Where the car was hit.
  • severity of injury

After the accident : medical care

The post accident care

70% of people involved in a auto crash that saw a doctor experience pain and are sore for up to six weeks after the car accident; for those that did not receive medical attention those numbers are much higher.

The car crash is over in a matter of seconds, but as mentioned above, the effects stay for a while and can impact one for an extended period of time. It is for this reason, a medical checkup is made essential after a car wreck to assess possible hidden injuries and provide treatment to those injuries as quickly as possible.

When you see a doctor right after a car accident, he is going to check a number of things. They may do X RAYS, MRI, or a CT. These imaging services can tell the doctor if he is dealing with a broken bone or soft tissue injuries. An accident doctor is going to recommend a treatment plan that will help you from staying sore and reduce your pain.

It’s important to follow the doctor’s advice and stay on your treatment plan. In some cases the patient will quit going to the doctor. If you have a personal injury case, this could be detrimental to it. Before quitting your treatment plan it’s important to talk to your doctor or attorney and explain why you want to quit.

How long will i be sore

How long you are sore after a car wreck depends on many factors. Every car accident is different, injuries suffered from auto accidents can be mild to severe. Your soreness level will depend on if you see a doctor. If you never see a doctor after a car wreck, there is no doubt you will be sore longer than someone who did visit a doctor and receive treatment for their injuries To put a definitive answer on how long you are sore would depend on the severity of the accident and the severity of your injuries.

You age and past medical conditions

It also may include  you age, any current or past medical conditions you may have had. Putting a number on how you will be sore is very hard to do, it has everything to do with the individual that was injured in the car wreck.

No matter how many precautions you take to avoid an accident, they are prone to happen. They can occur at a daily frequency with a number of people falling prey to reckless driving, following to close, distracted driving, driving to fast for conditions, DUI. These accidents can cause heavily damaged cars to impacts that barely show any visible signs of damage.  It is unfortunate to be in an auto accident as the injuries following can be severe and emotionally traumatizing too.


You will be sore after you have been involved in a car accident, how long depends of many factors. The soreness you feel may be ligaments and tendons that have stretched beyond their range of motion. Your body type or previous medical conditions may have an impact on how long you will be sore after you car accident.


If you have been driving for quite some time and not experienced a car wreck, you are lucky. However, there is a probable chance to be in one at any point in time you will be involved in an auto accident. So, it’s better to educate yourself as to what you need to after the auto accident and the medical care you need to take afterwards.